Friday, 5 October 2012

Design and Construct Secure Underground Shelters for Your Family - NWSS

Northwest shelter systems (NWSS) are one of the oldest & largest secure construction development firms in North America, since 1990. We are specializing in secure underground bunker and shelter design & development with quality aspects.
Why choose Northwest Shelter Systems?

Are you worried about natural disasters & nuclear war? And dreaming about complete family protected shelter. Northwest shelter systems fulfill your requirement. We are specialized in nuclear bomb blast radiation protected bunkers and shelters design and construction.

Building secure undergroundbunkers is not easy task; because we understand the basic needs and necessities of natural disasters, weather & environment of each place, flood condition, earth plate’s condition and earth quack effect on the place. We create quality Underground shelter to keep your family safe, secure and feel protected in natural disasters like tornadoes, flood condition and earth quake.

Before building underground survival shelters we gather specific information like how many persons will stay in bunkers for approximate days or will spend time in that place with this assumption we give best solution. As per our construction, quality materials like concrete and strongest metal rods & bars, Lunor blast resistant doors, hatches and NBC / CBRN filtration systems, with the help of above materials we use to built perfect nuclear radiation poisoning free & blast protected shelter as per requirement.
Underground Bunkers Plan
Underground Bunker Plan

Also we provide unique construction & design plan with 100% assurance to protect your secrets and keeping your information confidential. Our underground bunkers look and serve much like modern interior design room, and we provide unparalleled strength to withstand natural disaster, earthquake, flood, and tornado or nuclear blast.
If you require more detail information visit at or you can even call us on (208)263-6027. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you further.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Survival Strategy for a Bomb Scared Society II

Today people are scared not only for the man made attacks and accident but for the natural calamities too. The way people died for the tsunami and the earthquakes recently that now they want to find a way to survive. The solution to the entire arising problems is the underground structure strong enough to resist any kind of calamity and keep you safe. The structure can be created only with the help of skilled professional which are present with the Northwest Shelter System. The people they have for jobs like this are trust-able, diligent and talented. They give their heart and soul to make you satisfied with their work.
Secret Underground Tunnels

Secret Underground Tunnels is built with proper planning and technology. The buildings have a specific dimension and follow some specific components. They are made strong so that they can withstand any kind of mishap so the materials used by Northwest are really strong. They mostly use steel and concrete for building the structure but they have other ingredients too which they keep as a secret to retain the no. 1 position in the industry. The buildings made by them are very strong and can withstand any kind of earthquake or nuclear explosion. Staying there will keep you and your family safe from any kind of ill events. Especially there blast doors are a good characteristic which helps you to be secure. The doors are real strong and can keep you safe from any kind of trouble and can provide you with an easy escape.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Survival Strategy for a Bomb Scared Society I

The present condition of the world is so awful that we think twice before going out of the house. So in this tough time we need to expect the worse and prepare accordingly. It is too tough to cope up with the present time. The present world is full of cruelty so a proper protection is always suggested. In that case you can give a thought to the fact how you can stay away from people’s sight. This will make you be on the safe side as lesser the people will see you lesser you will be their target.

For this the best way is to build an underground shelter construction so that you are successful in staying out of sight of the people. To execute this idea the thing you need is a proper construction to keep you safe underground. For this you can surely think of contacting the Northwest Shelter System, they are a brand name in the field of underground construction. They have been building underground structures for over 20 years thus have got a great idea over the matter. There works in this field were very distinct in Russia in time of the crisis. The people were having a tough time in Russia with frequent bombardment and regular massacre. So they were in a need of a solution to keep them safe room. Then Northwest Shelter System came into power and with their exceptional skill they started building underground structures for them. The main among them were bunkers which kept their soldiers safe. So in this way they started their journey and today they are the best when it comes to underground building.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Family Protection from Bomb Scare

With increase in the bomb making technology the bomb shelter also has to be updated. Crude bomb shelters have been found to fall short of the expectations. The structural inefficiency led to loss of many lives as they could not escape from under debris. It is the only criteria that the survival bunkers be strong enough to withstand a bomb attack. One must create these disaster bunkers quite early so that at times of a bomb scare one knows where to run.

Nuclear Bomb Shelters
These bunkers are made by drilling into the ground and by making a concrete cover over it. The doors and windows, and other open spaces available are covered by high tensile and flexible steel and this ensures full security to the family. 

The nuclear bomb shelters are like the extension of one’s own home. One needs to stash food, bring in other necessities like the water and gas lines, and create hygienic toilets inside the bunkers for the entire family has to spend the bomb scare period there. Being underground has the advantage of protection from view as well as being bomb resistant. Generally about four feet from the surface of the ground, these fallout shelters guarantee protection. 

The new designs of the survival bunkers have nuclear and bio-reactor damage resistance and the leading brand manufacturing world class underground bunkers is the NWSS (or the North West Shelter Systems). Modern day equipment’s like blast doors and NBC filters have created a revolution. Elite doors are famed to provide protection against the nuclear damages and your family and you have to be observant enough to know when the bomb scare period is likely to arise.

Prevention is better than cure; so even before settling in a place with high bomb activity, look for a home that has an underground shelter. Your family is the most precious thing and it must always be kept in mind that they need to be protected. People receive threats from various sources and to protect themselves, they commission the services of NWSS. Pioneering in this field for over 20 years, the NWSS creators keep the safety of their clients their first priority.

The North West Shelter Systems company calculates its complex designs to construct the perfect bomb shelter. The underground shelter must be accessible 24/7 so that whenever there is a bomb scare you can just drop down and be safe till the time conditions are better again. Your family’s safety must come first and you must do every possible thing to protect them. The various experiments performed on the bunkers use NBC filtration systems have made them withstand several direst blasts with ease.

One’s family once lost can never be regained back. In this world full of maniacs, bombs are disposed like aphids and explosions are common. Chain explosions are on the rise today. It is important to be wise. Though it is not theoretically possible to predict the actual explosion, prevention must always be kept in hand. The family bond once lost can never return and the survival bunkers not only shelter the family, but also secure a strong nexus between them.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The best website for learning on protectingyour family

There are many people all across the world for whom; the concept of a bunker is not all safe. For those friends, I urge them to reconsider that position and get the protection of an underground bunker for the safety of their family. In order for them to know the right and wrong of getting an underground bunker right below their home, a type of panic room that they can go to, they should log on to the internet and go to this website, In such a good website, you would find that the amount of things that one can find on the technical know how’s as well as the basic costs that can be incurred while building this rom can be found. They do not use local contractors but have staff of their own that would perform the duties and all the responsibilities that is necessary for the building of a concrete room. 

The only amount of structures that you would find in today’s world would have to be without the use of disaster shelters as they did not plan for such structures in those times. In fact they did not think of such eventuality taking place in today’s society. In the modern buildings of nowadays, that have seen a lot of terrorist attacks on various buildings as well as unsettled earth bringing in earthquakes, this happens to be the perfect hiding location for a family. In order for you to know the estimate of constructing such a building in this time and place, you could kindly visit this website, and you would get a good idea about the fact that how well do we live in such circumstances?

In order for you to be successful in your endeavor of protecting your family at all costs, one would have to be very sure of the fact that whether they want the disaster chamber or not. The cost of such a product would have to be massive and they tend to be implicated to the customer. Hence go for something that you would find in your budget and make sure to get a thorough understanding in the item. If you happen to hear any discrepancies, hear them out and they would get it registered in the cell providers.

Many of the occasional bunkers have been decorated so that it is treated just like any other room. All facilities, one common stepping stone to success. During the course of war, you would only go for the Americas.

Any additional information about these things, then you would have to go to the website see for yourself all the possible.